Oriskany Technical Dive Charters Available

Technical Divers

Technical divers, doubles divers and sidemount divers are welcome on all of our dive charters!
No Extra Charge for Technical Divers with a single set of doubles & up to two stage bottles!

Technical Oriskany Diver

The H2O Below is equipped to comfortably accommodate tech divers, with plenty of deck space, tank racks for doubles and rebreathers, and an equipment table and wash racks for cameras and lights.

On regular recreational trips, tech divers that bring one set of doubles and up to two stage tanks may conduct one deco dive and will be charged as a recreational diver. Total run times should be limited to approximately one hour and forty-five minutes.

Because of the additional weight and space requirements on the boat, there will be an additional charge for tech divers wishing to bring a dpv "scooter", more than two stages, or other additional equipment. Call the Captain at (850) 291-3501 for details.

Oriskany Dive Charters

Divers wishing to conduct decompression dives must provide the captain with a thorough briefing and printed copy of the dive plan. This ensures that we will be able to accurately communicate specific details of the dive to emergency or search personnel if it should become necessary.

The captain and crew will not be responsible for assisting with or approving any dive plans.

All divers will be required to show a valid certification card, photo ID, and logbook showing appropriate certification and experience in the type of dives that are planned.

Technical Oriskany Charter

Call (850) 291-3501
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