Come Dive with Us!

The H2O Below

The H2O Below is a 36′ Newton custom dive boat, and is certified to carry 24 divers. For everyone’s comfort, trips are limited to 16 recreational divers or 10 tech divers. Our spacious deck, large swim platform and sturdy ladder provide a safe staging area for both recreational and technical divers. A travel line is deployed to make your descent and ascent safer and more enjoyable.

The H2O Below is also a PADI affiliated Charter Boat. We have our own PADI Instructors on staff, and are happy to incorporate any course you are looking to take with your next charter.

  •  Only dive charter boat in the local area that is inspected by the US Coast Guard annually
  • Runs an average of 20 knots (60 – 90 minutes to the Mighty O)
  • New “Tier 2” engine (NO DIESEL FUMES!)
  • Dry storage
  • Freshwater showers
  • Fully enclosed head
  • Large camera/equipment table
  • Large coolers for food and drinks
  • Fresh fruit, lunch or snacks provided during charters
  • Functional marine head (toilet) accessible at all times
  • Custom tank racks for cylinders, doubles and rebreathers
  • Enclosed area for private changing
  • Supplies Surface Marker Buoys
  • Captain always on the boat
  • Full safety equipment including emergency Oxygen and AED (defibrillator)

Meet Our Team

Capt. Doug

Captain Douglas is the owner and fearless leader of the H2O Below team.
Capt. Doug


Nine joined the H2O team in 2017. You can find her with a bag of popcorn in hand.

What Should I Bring?

We strive to make every trip an unforgettable experience. Please let us know of any special considerations to make your trip safer and more enjoyable!
  • CERTIFICATION CARD for the type of dive planned!
  • SCUBA system (Regulator, BC, octopus/alternate, gauges)
  • Dive system (mask, snorkel, fins, boots, weights/belt)
  • Dive computers are highly recommended
  • Gloves (recommended, not required)
  • Two tanks NITROX or AIR
  • We usually supply lunch for offshore and Oriskany charters
  • Extra food or drinks (we supply ice, water, snacks)
  • We supply each diver with a surface marker buoy for added safety
  • We carry extra weight on board if needed
  • Motion-sickness medication (works best if taken the day before and day of trip)
  • Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Towel

What Divers Say About Us

Captain Douglas and the crew of the H2O Below are fantastic. I have had the pleasure of diving with this crew several times. Everyone is very knowledgable and make every trip wonderful. The safety procedures of the entire operation make the trip safe and enjoyable for all. Chris and Taylor have thousands of dives in the Gulf of Mexico, and are open to sharing their experiences and this makes the trip to and from the marina and the surface interval interesting. I look forward to many future trips with this wonderful staff.

Great crew, very friendly and professional. The boat is nice and stable, well kept and they have a great line system. Getting on and off the vessel was no problem, I dove a full technical side mount system. Safety was always put first and they carry plenty of O2. Will be my charter of choice in that area. Hoping to get lots more dive with this crew.

What a great experience! I've been on the H2O Bellow a few times, and I have to say, it is the best dive boat I've been on! Captain Doug is fantastic! He's extremely aware, and through, but still has a great time. Taylor and Chris, his DMs, are so wonderful. They have so much experience and knowledge. Taylor is so full of insight and is an incredible diver. Chris is so talented and fun, he's great with newer divers. If you are planning a dive trip, I recommend this boat!